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Backdoor.tofsee.gen Details

  • Category Backdoor
  • Discovered 10/21/2021 9:59:18 AM
  • Modified 10/21/2021 1:08:37 PM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description
    A Backdoor is a software program that gives an attacker unauthorized access to a machine and the means for remotely controlling the machine without the user's knowledge. A Backdoor compromises system integrity by making changes to the system that allow it to be used by the attacker for malicious purposes unknown to the user.

The following Files were created:
eb329e8960691e9aadd9251288782169ccdb8bbf.bin 48439  103bdf2c3e342f6d274d8eb5c8b0f047 
ea56ae7cc091c853a00601e3fe501c5230063d0e.bin 57430  4534f1457abe12f7a8a7979607985836 
d346aa8d507697389db88026d56da6a71af7ad18.bin 57434  c3bb4821780d7c090d85548107e3edc9 
eaaa742ac590fd6d128ecca139e4c97da350d811.bin 57430  d51cb81b84dbe15dfc0fb2f9da31e34d 
ead0796ebe08a4047b1b0529231d08dd842fa053.bin 56506  149069235e976b56d7258db4b59530d5 
d9e88d844a2db51d2e31285637c8351bd91bb961.bin 57429  bb401fb9389fc6748e43d1cf6211cc4d 
d32d140360cbb592531a91b0669895c50720f015.bin 57437  09313170f24813769233ceee3caebf4b 
ef00ad5014da101906a033ba21966292c117b53d.bin 57437  e674e5c9236508f840337997beb96450 
d8e9f294af69960a9c5f8ad59ecc5578332f5ebc.bin 48425  5a5d5fbf8e4de72a8c837cfd27217f32 
dfa163de4e0ae672ed148a8e51c38b246e5dcb9c.bin 57433  b154e91f4e63aa294ece3d135bffb19b 

The following Registry Entries were created:

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