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“A job is nothing but the exploration of boundaries and beyond"

Max Secure Software's leaders bring decades of diverse experience and a history of success. Business acumen with technical savvy, these executives guides our talented employees to create innovative products and solutions for customers around the world.
The Company has drawn executives and advisors from senior positions at major corporations with tremendous experience.

The management team has gained the requisite relevant technical, business development, client management and sales skills during their international careers. The management brings their total work experience of almost four decades due to their complete commitment to Max Secure Software.

  Sanjay Pradhan: Founder & CEO
Sanjay Pradhan, who is the Founder & CEO of Max Secure Software, has been recognized for his leadership and team-building skills in technologies and management. He has had a successful international career of almost two decades starting in the US with a company pioneering in real time dynamic simulation, and then at a Fortune 500 company, where he held various positions with increasing responsibilities in the technical and business development. Among his key responsibilities during his tenure at the Fortune 500 firm was establishing the India office where he developed and managed key client-relationships and delivered solutions. He is responsible for overall business strategy and development. He received his BS from Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.) Kanpur. He did Post Graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University, (C.M.U.) Pittsburgh in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Optimization.

  Rachna Pradhan: Co-Founder & CTO
Rachna Pradhan is the Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at Max Secure Software. She directs the technology vision behind Max Secure Software's product development and assessment of new and emerging technologies that customers view as a best of breed solution. She leads the development team that consistently develops software on time and under budget. She has extensive experience of over 18 years working in U.S.A. and India, where she has successfully completed several projects providing complex solutions in R&D, Design and Testing. She has completed several Postgraduate level courses in Computer Science and Web Technologies. She received her BS from Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.) Kanpur.

Our Advisory Board

  Bob Daly: Principal, RD Consulting Services

Bob Daly has been active in the software industry for the past 17 years and has always striven for excellence in all facets of his work. He is the Principal, RD Consulting Services, which addresses the needs of growing software firms using tailored workshops with emphasis on productive process improvement. He also does software process engineering due diligence analysis and detailed technical due diligence for high profile venture capital firms. He is an adjunct professor of Computer Science at Queens College in New York.

Before this, he was VP of Engineering of Cheyenne Software, where he was responsible for the product creation process – from requirements through code development; quality assurance, localization, delivery and product review coordination as well as technical support. The award winning, network essential product, ARCserve, was created, developed and popularized under Bob’s leadership. A graduate of Rutgers University in New Jersey, Bob did his graduate work at C.W. Post.

  Rao Remala: Director, Microsoft Corporation
Nurturing PC progress from the very start, Rao was the first person to write code for and give initial shape to the ubiquitous Microsoft Windows program, which is used on a daily basis by millions globally.

In a 21-year period with this Goliath of the information technology world, he worked on a slew of the company's best known products - Basic, Cobol Compiler, Windows 1.0, Windows 2.0, OLE 1.0, OLE 2.0, Office 95, and Office 97. He held a range of positions from individual contributor, to Group Manager, to Product Unit Manager and was an integral part of the team that virtually defined the personal computing industry.

Before Microsoft, Rao was working at DCM, Computer R&D center and then at Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL).

Rao has a Master's degree in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. India and a Bachelor's degree from REC Warangal College with highest honors in the engineering program.

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