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HackTool.Hucline.u Details

  • Category HackTool
  • Discovered 4/18/2020 9:52:03 AM
  • Modified 4/19/2020 10:49:38 AM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description
    HackTool is a utility designed to penetrate remote computers. These types of malware connect to the remote machines and use them as zombies without any giving prior information to the owner. Many hacktools download malicious programs on the victim machines.

The following Files were created:
74fdf0b33095ca6b8c5841ec21b72f09.vir.exe 1488042  74fdf0b33095ca6b8c5841ec21b72f09 
1ea90042add5a91c38967f1a3c1947e7.vir.exe 377344  1ea90042add5a91c38967f1a3c1947e7 
6d80ebda9c5e672f74ecd6ae4314fc64.vir.exe 98304Microsoft Corporation5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp6d80ebda9c5e672f74ecd6ae4314fc64 
a5848239a53b9e46fc2d0fe4f94f7bb4.vir.exe 98304Microsoft Corporation5.1.2600.5512 (xpspa5848239a53b9e46fc2d0fe4f94f7bb4 
2c689be5ca9166a166787f87a2c7f450.vir.exe 259544  2c689be5ca9166a166787f87a2c7f450 
6134653c3b1c8618899bc9db8cf1f4ee.vir.exe 807424  6134653c3b1c8618899bc9db8cf1f4ee 
42bcf3f0fc2116c8b9ecffda9462a059.vir.exe 439296  42bcf3f0fc2116c8b9ecffda9462a059 
f47cb8e22742c82223f815c4c4ecdc22.vir.exe 435670  f47cb8e22742c82223f815c4c4ecdc22 
04570067a855e8d2c66a4db354d05cf9.exe 141824  04570067a855e8d2c66a4db354d05cf9 
007bc97e2560e6f005184d834b2b9170.vir.exe 98682Microsoft Corporation5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp007bc97e2560e6f005184d834b2b9170 

The following Registry Entries were created:

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