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HackTool.generic Details

  • Category HackTool
  • Discovered 1/6/2018 10:39:09 AM
  • Modified 5/9/2023 5:51:48 PM
  • Threat Level Medium
  • Category Description
    HackTool is a utility designed to penetrate remote computers. These types of malware connect to the remote machines and use them as zombies without any giving prior information to the owner. Many hacktools download malicious programs on the victim machines.

The following Files were created:
efba13fb6c9039705ef4a5e2d9e413f8.exe 3006544巅峰阁社区1.0.0.0efba13fb6c9039705ef4a5e2d9e413f8 
41dad93c3c36f2111dbd30a74001c5ea.exe 2326571  41dad93c3c36f2111dbd30a74001c5ea 
4abde053b9eae44a95c8f417eaca9733.exe 2333777  4abde053b9eae44a95c8f417eaca9733 
dfc08c346960150d25c9ce38f8cee612.exe 11186176ZJZ22.8.1.6dfc08c346960150d25c9ce38f8cee612 
58804ca8e046df254dae253de292d53f.exe 12924416Microsoft1.0.0.058804ca8e046df254dae253de292d53f 
344354b4e93fa184b65091869fd41295.exe 10227712  344354b4e93fa184b65091869fd41295 
2b194fd7e284b6da77b655d61f9e6a36.exe 13980672@$@%@ 
24824dbe9000592fa0dca1806cc550b7.exe 1773056  24824dbe9000592fa0dca1806cc550b7 
0ed7e2dc959dd68b95873f515b16406d.exe 1790032混世魔王1.0.0.00ed7e2dc959dd68b95873f515b16406d 
0ddf24e58800d0a49abc28d18191e84f.exe 3137616巅峰阁社区1.0.0.00ddf24e58800d0a49abc28d18191e84f 

The following Registry Entries were created:

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