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Packed.Katusha.gen Details

  • Category Packed
  • Discovered 7/22/2021 10:33:34 AM
  • Modified 7/22/2021 1:18:58 PM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description
    Spyware files which are compressed as they make their work undetectable by anti-virus products.

The following Files were created:
20191112162108514127.exe 3018752
20191112180746723549.exe 3112960
20191112194028569795.exe 2097152ABC15.0.2643.15683bad8db6ee2e5ff4677d1ec4dd1e7f14/11/2019
20191113013333781405.exe 824264 14.5.1065.11e99c41d03398110a9bee024246a9a2d414/11/2019
20191031202719535978.exe 387800ATAfeeCream3.1.1025.198fe37550bd4295103eccdd2efe32494c14/11/2019
20191031214415367888.exe 1446400Cui nwkeriy1.3.2600.4612 (xpspcf907c42d46a3a22ddd11be71dadd5a814/11/2019
1447f7f55d15ebfd4d9a0dba9ce28656.exe 2101248
5ab8b0e07c991c41efd138abe0f64a20cabaef7db6442d8f69466b5e1ccbf5a7.exe 1245184Gqe bqxvngy6.5.2602.7208 (aaboc156a4dafe85f8f315e480c714a81d1914/11/2019
d70f611d6c3b8c6f5a0ff9d6307c7fb8ae8043bbb7451090834a0c7b5cc3674b.exe 1423360Dsn pxvwxy2.0.2601.5241 (xpsp045cbaafc16fcf4952678d57ce794c3b14/11/2019
19bedcac4cc67c60ab516f94998b2c44015b006cdbf3b3509e11d6f4384d9700.exe 1269760Gtn mvvwwxy6.6.2602.7295 (aabq304e893b95988dc4f63d8dd2ddb5d96814/11/2019

The following Registry Entries were created:

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