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PSW.Disbuk.gen Details

  • Category PSW
  • Discovered 4/21/2021 4:24:07 PM
  • Modified 4/21/2021 5:52:15 PM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description
    This family of Trojans steals passwords, normally system passwords from victim machines. They search for system files which contain confidential information such as passwords and Internet access telephone numbers and then send this information to an email address coded into the body of the Trojan. The 'master' or user of the illegal program will then retrieve and misuse this information. Most common behavior: 1. Ask for password using fake window 2. Change ICQ, MSN and AOL configuration 3. Get cached Windows passwords

The following Files were created:
20191112224316278259.exe 1986224  3343700095cd939c5ddf95a8cbdc861e14/11/2019
20191101001550746067.exe 1991224  50f869e183fcf97969ec75343b5a7f6114/11/2019
20191101002029970957.exe 1152720www.smartpdfreader.com1.0.0.1510b4ddc79825d16938eba865fb4f5dc14/11/2019
c53bdda6cd805ad39243e91568c07e49.exe 1065984
20191030223743067825.exe 568320www.smartpdfreader.com1.0.0.1df9f86b756aa9b6aed3e07876047710015/11/2019
20191030223806155866.exe 1142272www.smartpdfreader.com1.0.0.1746f0dcf559cf7839a1e6e27fb53284815/11/2019
20191030224410045105.exe 680960www.smartpdfreader.com1.0.0.16f406d2a96f1f4c5c65ecf2edfb7482815/11/2019
20191031193603168974.exe 1138688www.smartpdfreader.com1.0.0.1f45ebaf0a0a2e5b8f546b0ca167b7bd215/11/2019
35639c0b26ccd9ccfba2bdb88a4443fb.exe 1152720www.smartpdfreader.com1.0.0.135639c0b26ccd9ccfba2bdb88a4443fb15/11/2019
ae2c1e588b7de798e5202e7811299eff.exe 1047040

The following Registry Entries were created:

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