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not-a-virus:.AdWare.KuziTui.gen Details

  • Category not-a-virus:
  • Discovered 10/20/2021 6:20:24 PM
  • Modified 10/21/2021 1:08:34 PM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description

The following Files were created:
0dbbfa2a72e192b334d66c5512254027.exe 2113536  0dbbfa2a72e192b334d66c5512254027 
20190430123246716000.exe 4002044  2cb66f44fb6b77684930f0656f2531eb 
9df4d9462fa920f771f8529c9346f303.exe 4002521  9df4d9462fa920f771f8529c9346f30317/11/2019
abc136dd360323bad5e6a97584c535b5.exe 4000396  abc136dd360323bad5e6a97584c535b523/11/2019
6152fd42b06985ce95ce2b17a2ecc26b.exe 4000440  6152fd42b06985ce95ce2b17a2ecc26b11/12/2019
2c80d7b21e6248a72215604864019145.exe 5001941  2c80d7b21e6248a7221560486401914520/12/2019
f64f5d475b3ddb8054625fe7e6716d2e.exe 2039920上海展盟网络科技有限公司1.4.1.4f64f5d475b3ddb8054625fe7e6716d2e03/01/2020
20191227173312981792.exe 8229280上海展盟网络科技有限公司2.2.1.17d5bff9ed7c4d75386179ae4b4855597531/12/2019
20191227142022957777.exe 4002556  64b0c469db637c166b4c657fa47680ad31/12/2019
16ee88334bd4b61fae046366ec0632f502e4acc2ca378817baff6aa2828d5674.exe 1200592上海展盟网络科技有限公司1.0.25.291680c00069937be6665e96a759f862127/12/2019

The following Registry Entries were created:

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