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HackTool.Flooder.h Details

  • Category HackTool
  • Discovered 8/28/2012 3:23:06 PM
  • Modified 9/7/2020 1:36:26 PM
  • Threat Level High
  • Category Description
    HackTool is a utility designed to penetrate remote computers. These types of malware connect to the remote machines and use them as zombies without any giving prior information to the owner. Many hacktools download malicious programs on the victim machines.

The following Files were created:
5d9e89eb0be248647f1df39b47cc01c0.exe 69632Host Crackers1.55d9e89eb0be248647f1df39b47cc01c0 
bb0b72e7719fb5c7fb1f35a57fe5f281.vxe.exe 435200 
3657b943ca1dba3b9605585499b8b744.vxe.exe 428032 
F3FFC6C0.EXE 126976  a7f5aefffb8173b9b9b40583e8abe5ee 
ff66734bdde5fe16384737b1b921e1b23f312954.bin.exe 429056 
0b51dd3a1d406246227551ad6c37b733.vxe.exe 435712 
fg bio booter.exe 94208www.Furiogaming.com1.0.0.0aac20ff032c28e44422046282b3cb2f8 
5CE28FBB.EXE 69632Private1.0070c5fa8239145ffb9b30e9e25c2a84a1 
9AFE4DA1.EXE 69632Private1.0084a73dbdb62d89c6ba4052af0dfa6ea1 
5ce28fbb.exe 69632Private1.0.0.070c5fa8239145ffb9b30e9e25c2a84a1 

The following Registry Entries were created:

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