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Downloader.Agent.gpyl Details

  • Category Downloader
  • Discovered 12/3/2021 5:36:35 PM
  • Modified 12/4/2021 1:11:19 PM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description
    A downloader is a program that automatically downloads and runs and/or installs other software without the user's knowledge or permission. In addition to downloading and installing other software, it may download updated versions of itself. A downloader may install itself in a manner that allows it to constantly check for updated files.

The following Files were created:
c78cb45e54d9194b8fdce5011792d0d9e9e64800b961e70887c2474649742bf4.exe 292107 
3fe49c56938e55a890caf265d876192b.vir.exe 292107 
3acd871322aa60169bc3d6e3384d22ec.exe 755979  3acd871322aa60169bc3d6e3384d22ec28/10/2021
1000-862fc8f19c604a1fb55cef2b7392691461d585bc.exe 755979  d78549b0aaff28980fa9c4a613d026f129/10/2021
2d11e678e46533ee097f4ad211259718a6af969f6d716bf3659ef521c0ddc51b.mrg.exe 755979  3f4a290277a36609399d083a3cf617ca29/10/2021
08a4cab271a8f0667d8e83b1c5f452a7.exe 292113 
7ba2183e0f7819173b1e87ad13f85e45.exe 292107 
a264485da8ad8ca1ed868751d2673c98b6f8d898122099d8b0b9dffccd002474.exe 292107 
be9e93852048227bcc1c8fa1f48571c1.exe 292113 
c0172509e1aa8e6cfd13dc80649af4f6.exe 292107 

The following Registry Entries were created:

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