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HackTool.Fumn Details

  • Category HackTool
  • Discovered 10/3/2023 5:30:59 PM
  • Modified 10/4/2023 11:23:12 AM
  • Threat Level Medium
  • Category Description
    HackTool is a utility designed to penetrate remote computers. These types of malware connect to the remote machines and use them as zombies without any giving prior information to the owner. Many hacktools download malicious programs on the victim machines.

The following Files were created:
deed0ceb.exe 6656  8b1a34e270ee7e0f30c8c09588e19b99 
e22f53b1424a5447cd6d368844f69942.exe 6656  e22f53b1424a5447cd6d368844f69942 
d320a15175ca8459f1e8bc31ad12110a4e39c0d8925cd0ee36eb06b511402377.exe 6656  d285e9227b3ab7445366ccbc64b0d905 
24e805b7c9cb9f1c9e856e520efb3bea.vxe.exe 6656  24e805b7c9cb9f1c9e856e520efb3bea 
0c9ed65469fd922d2995104dd94a754e.exe 6656  0c9ed65469fd922d2995104dd94a754e 
a8a79dfc36fb638cabe1310502f72a5c72a104c8fa448b67dc6fb9913f93556da3f1b0eb3ff3e468a6dda5e76945f797de7.exe 6656  06cfbd6747e5a5264d2343c4816410c7 
e0fb23a652cb9f74d2d2ec4870534165.exe 15872  e0fb23a652cb9f74d2d2ec4870534165 
6aa8aa737927ec9e92cca6cef9627493.exe 6656  6aa8aa737927ec9e92cca6cef9627493 
e672bcfbc2be104d25104e65bbdeeca8.exe 6656  e672bcfbc2be104d25104e65bbdeeca8 
4ade6240cc5c9a72a0c6b8336a1ef1dd.exe 6656  4ade6240cc5c9a72a0c6b8336a1ef1dd 

The following Registry Entries were created:

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