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not-a-virus:.RiskTool.SystemTweaker.ah Details

  • Category not-a-virus:
  • Discovered 7/22/2021 10:42:35 AM
  • Modified 7/22/2021 1:18:57 PM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description

The following Files were created:
8b2e84c585afd3f6579076eb6fde4bb32a04ff196c79034bdfc5ef5f6dc80d2f.exe 4992604Systweak IncRegClean Proe5ea7384261ce4c3d9c022324be4d108 
cf664f1b5b7ccf7655ba91850a669dce.exe 4679352Systweak IncRegClean Procf664f1b5b7ccf7655ba91850a669dce 
c5ffc6f4064cf01754ca5410aa16a53a.exe 4463560Systweak IncRegClean Proc5ffc6f4064cf01754ca5410aa16a53a 
3bab8dc4676ec1f9ac9321c77bb8696c.exe 5605768Systweak IncRegClean Pro3bab8dc4676ec1f9ac9321c77bb8696c22/02/2020
20200501031025339000.exe 5709144  909da55b74851756565a722f333993ad03/05/2020
307986daf176d8d30265ec9a99e6e8ea.exe 4989112  307986daf176d8d30265ec9a99e6e8ea17/09/2020
a0daf80f30c3fecd0fcc777c3c2921bd.exe 4852368  a0daf80f30c3fecd0fcc777c3c2921bd08/10/2020
dc_new_spotbid_security.exe 4719384Systweak IncRegClean Proe570e74bea9dbd9d31f30d131409087122/10/2020
65d0326db41bfaed90a1054a1f60f71e.exe 18776  65d0326db41bfaed90a1054a1f60f71e03/11/2020
1efdfad0ecf2ead31f9f8bcb024142f7.exe 94040  1efdfad0ecf2ead31f9f8bcb024142f705/11/2020

The following Registry Entries were created:

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