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Clicker.Cycler.grd Details

  • Category Clicker
  • Discovered 8/18/2018 12:52:46 AM
  • Modified 8/18/2018 11:53:07 AM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description
    This family of Trojans redirects victim machines to specified websites or other Internet resources. Clickers either send the necessary commands to the browser or replace system files where standard Internet urls are stored. Clickers are used: 1. To raise the hit-count of a specific site for advertising purposes. 2. To organize a DoS attack on a specified server or site. 3. To lead the victim to an infected resource where the machine will be attacked by other malware (viruses or Trojans).

The following Files were created:
..\Download Data\Virussign\20120917\virussign.com_20120917_standard\exe32\virussign.com_fce77cf329817a915ab2bf2df96dcd0e.exe 94328  fce77cf329817a915ab2bf2df96dcd0e
..\Extracted Data\D2-25\2012-09-20_4299\a39d611df6f0c8d0e4bfbabc19056d43d0810f92129c5c73de019e53763ddb4f.exe 143352  406e922ba6e0d3fb65fe3129735eb447
..\Extracted Data\D2-25\2012-09-20_4299\fdbfd4fb6f4241b8e28da267953705fa0275bdf3b9613b976489011d14724414.exe 113144  113b6093fb67cd61b67dcbedb7f6e28d
..\Extracted Data\D2-29\2012-10-05\5651f00a904d09005128c306fe760e1e157a36297556798547f96f35514cf9b2.exe 136192  2f6239b1597e75be833e9f41e0a59758
..\Download Data\Virussign\Extracted Data\20121008\virussign.com_20121008_standard\exe32\virussign.com_edf298ddc7a75c53856cbeadaf2e801b.exe 85788  edf298ddc7a75c53856cbeadaf2e801b
..\Extracted Data\D2-16\2012-10-10_1439\1bdba3e6e35f8dc83782806fe762464478fb23028224c49431d24f7f29f0ae99.exe 91732  cc3956f4fd335ae94e7194dec9c414c5
..\CymruDownload\Feb\12\12\malware.2013-02-12\d6738243353091f07344be2d3a95a34941dedb9d.bin.exe 101072  0ab48c005239ad6b801cad4400b0908c
..\CymruDownload\Feb\12\12\malware.2013-02-12\d6738243353091f07344be2d3a95a34941dedb9d.bin.exe 101072  0ab48c005239ad6b801cad4400b0908c
..\Extracted Data\Virussign\20130309\virussign.com_20130309_professional\exe32\virussign.com_a9e72927b52add368421acd05e68861c.exe 92428  a9e72927b52add368421acd05e68861c
..\efd1c25726201a189ced526fd52b974f.exe 167324  efd1c25726201a189ced526fd52b974f

The following Registry Entries were created:

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