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Spy.Zbot.wudi Details

  • Category Spy
  • Discovered 6/20/2018 1:26:33 PM
  • Modified 6/22/2018 6:20:24 PM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description
    Spy tools are programs which steal information from users PC such as banking information, login details and keyboard strokes etc.

The following Files were created:
..\virussign.com_e4323e9766cbfb7b46aab5940b855cc4.vir.exe 22908  e4323e9766cbfb7b46aab5940b855cc4
..\virussign.com_ef2ce993a1f3071305cb4e825d15655f.vir.exe 20124  ef2ce993a1f3071305cb4e825d15655f
..\virussign.com_a56160e8544f47c1b1adbf851629aac3.vir.exe 22716  a56160e8544f47c1b1adbf851629aac3
..\virussign.com_be1debfd91af96139bc82aae81f580ec.vir.exe 21428  be1debfd91af96139bc82aae81f580ec
..\virussign.com_f6b21e0fbbdc4a630246ad12787a73ba.vir.exe 22740  f6b21e0fbbdc4a630246ad12787a73ba
..\virussign.com_458e79bc5b854c1336e21d2b865ecda4.vir.exe 21012  458e79bc5b854c1336e21d2b865ecda4
..\d68a9d8c55e59e23a757c1c57689e17e.exe 21440  d68a9d8c55e59e23a757c1c57689e17e
..\812de38e622f066a762672efad65aba0.exe 23580  812de38e622f066a762672efad65aba0
..\afcf9a9f43f094ebf6a97bcd7eed7e08.exe 19086  afcf9a9f43f094ebf6a97bcd7eed7e08
..\d90e3fb8e60aed0e911d53446d1b6e14.exe 18390  d90e3fb8e60aed0e911d53446d1b6e14

The following Registry Entries were created:

Please note that the following information is not controlled or endorsed by Max Secure Software. They are captured automaticallyby tools in our malware Research Lab as a result of executing Spyware Files or browsing Internet in virtual environment. Please contact us if you find any information inappropriate for removal. All the work contained in this report is copyrighted and should not be copied without permission from Max Secure Antivirus. We do not recommend browsing or removing these entries on your own manually. We do not take any warranty against the use or result of the use of this information.

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