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Spy.Zbot.wqmk Details

  • Category Spy
  • Discovered 2/12/2019 3:26:45 PM
  • Modified 2/14/2019 1:34:07 PM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description
    Spy tools are programs which steal information from users PC such as banking information, login details and keyboard strokes etc.

The following Files were created:
..\virusshare_482719ce7a4357c730c0bbb711fa6b50.exe 86016  482719ce7a4357c730c0bbb711fa6b50
..\eeae15193e7b07ca44e904b7ccb1a5c4.exe 180736  eeae15193e7b07ca44e904b7ccb1a5c4
..\bb839cb0080196f75d5497b921a654ef.exe 392192  bb839cb0080196f75d5497b921a654ef
..\e590687f7e84fe9d5d599cbf1470b3cc.exe 361472  e590687f7e84fe9d5d599cbf1470b3cc
..\920b971a3d05d90fa03ef59dfa4bf86a.exe 1185792  920b971a3d05d90fa03ef59dfa4bf86a
..\181ed3873ccb078bc0962e30e33b3c1f.exe 392704  181ed3873ccb078bc0962e30e33b3c1f
..\086e598175031c4f82aa989f90d10c07.exe 1055232  086e598175031c4f82aa989f90d10c07
..\063fe604e01e97eb5d54a61bccccde68.exe 420352  063fe604e01e97eb5d54a61bccccde68
..\0efe1a981e28c10da3bd5a74b1c9c2c5.exe 287232  0efe1a981e28c10da3bd5a74b1c9c2c5
..\47e8d87924b269a609de8d3ccabff83c.exe 110592  47e8d87924b269a609de8d3ccabff83c

The following Registry Entries were created:

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