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Ransom.GenericCryptor.cys Details

  • Category Ransom
  • Discovered 11/30/2018 3:22:02 AM
  • Modified 11/30/2018 2:21:35 PM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description
    Ransom are Trojans that demand money in exchange for fixing some menace they create on your PC such as encrypt files or threaten to delete files etc.

The following Files were created:
..\35ac315699e6763ab1c67d295de670ae.exe 481046  35ac315699e6763ab1c67d295de670ae
..\aeaab7521840e96f3ba94b52295a6bc0.exe 482824  aeaab7521840e96f3ba94b52295a6bc0
..\b4c2f3b2d9eb2da986acc84c665c131d.exe 482824  b4c2f3b2d9eb2da986acc84c665c131d
..\b54563de2e6d15f02ee68571c0de7c4b.exe 487164  b54563de2e6d15f02ee68571c0de7c4b
..\ba2638e18c286ea2b5f5989dd2f0a520.exe 482924  ba2638e18c286ea2b5f5989dd2f0a520
..\b9ae85845d4941be57b9789a0a6053b9.exe 482924  b9ae85845d4941be57b9789a0a6053b9
..\c01c54d5b0b9a34d53b446600619e843.exe 488114  c01c54d5b0b9a34d53b446600619e843
..\b4a05c872f8b277b0bd09f63114988f3.exe 488364  b4a05c872f8b277b0bd09f63114988f3
..\e90f9cc27c9170074c4175ddbb766e38.exe 488164  e90f9cc27c9170074c4175ddbb766e38
..\a039e17e466ec803eafc3ed2326ddc01.exe 488214  a039e17e466ec803eafc3ed2326ddc01

The following Registry Entries were created:

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