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Adware.mplug.1 Details

  • Category Adware
  • Discovered 6/18/2018 5:39:18 PM
  • Modified 6/19/2018 6:17:03 PM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description
    Adware are programs that facilitate delivery for advertising content to the user and in some cases gather information from the user's computer, including information related to Internet browser usage or other computer habits. They can take up your computers resources and are largely responsible for the countless popup ads you receive on the web. Adware is often bundled with or embedded within freeware programs like such as clocks, messengers, alerts, weather, and so on.

The following Files were created:
..\ExtractedData\virussign.com_20151219_Professional_09_10\virussign.com_20151219_professional_09\samples\exe32\virussign.com_3de90015392bfeefe40baae21722c9af.vir.exe 256060Igor Pavlov9.203de90015392bfeefe40baae21722c9af
..\ExtractedData\UN3\samples\google chrome extension\virussign.com_e7e072e0944916ae65ecd1714b486570.vir 38126  e7e072e0944916ae65ecd1714b486570
..\download data\virussign.com_20151227_Standard_05\samples\google chrome extension\virussign.com_138fd8fe9c30548a7df8a5244ac8ff15.vir 38124  138fd8fe9c30548a7df8a5244ac8ff15
..\ExtractedData\UN3\samples\google chrome extension\virussign.com_91a0a3241c7a7125d48f099a75169760.vir 38124  91a0a3241c7a7125d48f099a75169760
..\ExtractedData\VirusShare_00206\virusshare_bb5c203e1b2ec50125c21e4ca1c95600 7148  bb5c203e1b2ec50125c21e4ca1c95600
..\ExtractedData\virussign.com_20151223_Professional_01_02_03\virussign.com_20151223_professional_01\samples\google chrome extension\virussign.com_f77acfa887868a155c18c5855b9d1408.vir 38233  f77acfa887868a155c18c5855b9d1408
..\Extracted data\virussign.com_20151226_Standard_01_02\samples\text\virussign.com_ee1402209b3ee131aa578aaddd5d8851.vir 7546  ee1402209b3ee131aa578aaddd5d8851
..\ExtractedData\UN3\samples\google chrome extension\virussign.com_e7e072e0944916ae65ecd1714b486570.vir 38126  e7e072e0944916ae65ecd1714b486570
..\ExtractedData\VirusShare_00206\virusshare_baafad257c5ddea8d9fd6ca694ea36a0 7341  baafad257c5ddea8d9fd6ca694ea36a0
..\ExtractedData\VirusShare_00206\virusshare_7d290d4dac7d0b818dd15ba83e71ecc0 7314  7d290d4dac7d0b818dd15ba83e71ecc0

The following Registry Entries were created:

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