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Spy.Zbot.qyrd Details

  • Category Spy
  • Discovered 4/21/2017 7:55:38 AM
  • Modified 4/18/2019 5:54:42 PM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description
    Spy tools are programs which steal information from users PC such as banking information, login details and keyboard strokes etc.

The following Files were created:
..\Download Data\Wildlist\20140628\WildlistFiles\wl-bd9fdaeb89585417e3a65bc96b299823-0.exe 27648  585990cb8b0cec0f4d7fa6d872c9a678
..\Download Data\Wildlist\20140628\WildlistFiles\wl-bd9fdaeb89585417e3a65bc96b299823-0.exe 27648  585990cb8b0cec0f4d7fa6d872c9a678
..\Extracted Data\20140717_123\samples\exe32\virussign.com_bf9752bbd6deda1d4f2b75067dfeaad7.vir.exe 30150  bf9752bbd6deda1d4f2b75067dfeaad7
..\ExtractedData\Virussing 20140721 FREE + STD 12345\samples\exe32\virussign.com_95319254867827e20c3e0a7a19cfb652.vir.exe 30766  95319254867827e20c3e0a7a19cfb652
..\ExtractedData\Virussing 20140724 Free STD 12345\samples\exe32\virussign.com_a9113937c6ae967838fb7d314faaa341.vir.exe 30796  a9113937c6ae967838fb7d314faaa341
..\ExtractedData\Virussing 20140623 FREE STD 12345\samples\exe32\virussign.com_ae10da3f4a2dd67d4412107102e26b21.vir.exe 29914  ae10da3f4a2dd67d4412107102e26b21
..\ExtractedData\Virussing 20140725 FREE + STD 12345\samples\exe32\virussign.com_bfe3e5b71ce0c20e41d699dc85b3c4e2.vir.exe 30898  bfe3e5b71ce0c20e41d699dc85b3c4e2
..\ExtractedData\Virussing 20140725 FREE + STD 12345\samples\exe32\virussign.com_a3208745dd5afc38bf7af9a7125bf1f0.vir.exe 30834  a3208745dd5afc38bf7af9a7125bf1f0
..\ExtractedData\Virussing 20140725 FREE + STD 12345\samples\exe32\virussign.com_cb06df76e2c84ba4c600fec173afc120.vir.exe 31374  cb06df76e2c84ba4c600fec173afc120
..\ExtractedData\Virussing 20140724 Free STD 12345\samples\exe32\virussign.com_2d55ad85f0886e7bd0d3a666811450c5.vir.exe 31004  2d55ad85f0886e7bd0d3a666811450c5

The following Registry Entries were created:

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