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Worm.Sytro.o Details

  • Category Worm
  • Discovered 6/18/2019 2:29:06 PM
  • Modified 6/19/2019 12:55:58 PM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description
    A Worm is a malicious program that spreads itself without any user intervention. Worms spread without attaching to or infecting other programs and files. A Worm can spread across computer networks via security holes on vulnerable machines connected to the network and also through email by sending copies of itself to everyone in the user's address book. A Worm may consume a large amount of system resources and cause the machine to become noticeably sluggish and unreliable.

The following Files were created:
..\Extracted data\D2-17\2013-04-11_3529\00a27698d4a984daa12f55d96bf5a768f7c2e2956d4a7a5b677b38c51a64bec3.exe 57990  95de7ddfdc657ecf2e76210a8f7a4c78
..\Extracted data\D2-17\2013-04-11_3529\c62256975bd9d34df2b00f74d64392b8099f5d4624ef92748b12d9a74256f81e.exe 58017  dbc83dc2288102d1948274f7d8d4aa87
..\Extracted data\D2-17\2013-04-11_3529\f4e0adcd6ddb28cb8d11ed184e7a1dd86a390ea1cda7a9b0edb501c4a810418d.exe 57421  caf5a377426ff9a86e52b267c38190f7
..\Extracted data\D2-17\2013-04-11_3529\de7a0ac5d530efe00721506476c61a0a1b1268824f3b9c676dc917434cdd8f58.exe 57479  fb41a2d13e2825aa9fcec331a8de553a
..\Extracted data\D2-17\2013-04-11_3529\eff27d77353ca3112bdf8a529e31e3398d42556875297f44be7a2778a46f98cf.exe 57102  7e882cd2bfdc0f56c2f9b686adbd407a
..\Extracted data\D2-17\2013-04-11_3529\f9fbc28bd50eacd1b4b4ea0bc1a1dc90beac1048e90b40b73358b9621f71ceeb.exe 57452  3bc2ee6742ee5f88c6c5e19dcfc8c6a5
..\Extracted data\D2-17\2013-04-11_7604\fa71fab202def009e5dabeadf726c4a5201b3fe5c6fd539f7e8684b73c336233.exe 57228  8ac828dbcc002490455586b14a9f59e6
..\Extracted data\D2-17\2013-04-11_7604\d9fe3da1b5bb9b6a1ee4e145877d066050f7289abadf3226898349a1147741f2.exe 58177  a55f30478b1a3ae449030a94ceb8c421
..\Extracted data\D2-17\2013-04-11_7604\c890843377de71b05239620242a02acf332a2a2454bb37f87d4abaac31a286c1.exe 57736  f9b16af96afdd547db0a88a33859d107
..\Extracted data\D2-17\2013-04-11_7604\e8af625b1336db5b8a566f949ac0e97507dace4e8be6c21609644ac17d952878.exe 58099  71ddda9048c3b841927502c630979a02

The following Registry Entries were created:

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