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Trojan.ursu.124081 Details

  • Category Trojan
  • Discovered 3/11/2018 7:10:26 AM
  • Modified 3/14/2018 4:59:59 PM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description
    A destructive program that masquerades as a benign application. Unlike viruses, Trojan horses do not replicate themselves but they can be just as destructive. One of the most insidious types of Trojan horse is a program that claims to rid your computer of viruses but instead introduces viruses onto your computer.

The following Files were created:
..\00246e437450a1f926265cb42100db50b85aa977ee0efc5f720c353d156579a5.dll 1885696  982f2263f7e2120ca99c360e333dac0a
..\002c922fa5c823ab3b35b34a08abd2cf47f118336aac8ad0ec734f5a1e8a5876.dll 1885696  a6f1d47c1d212833ef559ca05a6ccaaf
..\0175a3ad3d25064c06a87fad9746edadc2fe356ece9e6e2474a516f710e7a5e2.dll 1885696  b65c79aa0b9fa37eca32e5c7fad0c756
..\0209a85e83aa258f03ed7411dea0d1b0df26177439ca999919400580d28d7c43.dll 1885696  4c28798c99efca1cfdec6bc8baee79bc
..\06e028845325bf21bbc7dbb30eccaca6cb451d7d96036217fa6cf02ca5bd3f4f.dll 1885696  8a74cee8cbc42b714cb51615f9e4a73b
..\086283a0997fb03c836a9efd17333b0023287ca09a9a4a03fe48f37fe8203870.dll 1885696  526a1c3c2d2b25c7a77e9a0ca66e4c72
..\003d20f6bed51ec7877645c6ec5f709593e1d94419f5d6383165c5f10f3c5f73.dll 1885696  a17bd7429f8858a4e774daf9cb2ec63d
..\005aff77a1b2718018de2fc28711103f755ff03f26109a68a8042c017b88308d.dll 1885696  ab1d919b1b2dffa56e4b669c154a4ce8
..\00d2da72ed39c3eb882f10baa7f9e60999c5fdba48e101fac2518eb384b84f9e.dll 1885696  93e52740a2453a9b9314798f10576278
..\018ca3e982ea0ef7503e22c0d7d36f8f73ef6de0a96e79b7e9934801f9b34b79.dll 1885696  ec0c5c5c1a75005626f7d9d27d4f00d0

The following Registry Entries were created:

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