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Spy.Zbot.ywob Details

  • Category Spy
  • Discovered 2/23/2018 7:45:40 PM
  • Modified 2/28/2018 4:06:46 PM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description
    Spy tools are programs which steal information from users PC such as banking information, login details and keyboard strokes etc.

The following Files were created:
..\1d6949ff5c222ada5d3775395af9fec9.exe 627156  1d6949ff5c222ada5d3775395af9fec9
..\b3616997a126cf0e861d3f1b8cad40e4.exe 641708  b3616997a126cf0e861d3f1b8cad40e4
..\be5813a40e0b5d6da62c22b483365db5.exe 636404  be5813a40e0b5d6da62c22b483365db5
..\c8f15455b7da6b967cb81ef20f0d054a.exe 412480  c8f15455b7da6b967cb81ef20f0d054a
..\cf6cc09a87c3cf9c3875aac0c2b3b345.exe 636710  cf6cc09a87c3cf9c3875aac0c2b3b345
..\virussign.com_c4f357daa28e6439876f1fe892e80170.vir.exe 603866  c4f357daa28e6439876f1fe892e80170
..\virussign.com_c959dc721d785677d6084a76819a6fb0.vir.exe 427070  c959dc721d785677d6084a76819a6fb0
..\virussign.com_c589517781500293496047adaba16160.vir.exe 417480  c589517781500293496047adaba16160
..\virussign.com_ceb5cf70247ed3365375f21c252a8580.vir.exe 621886  ceb5cf70247ed3365375f21c252a8580
..\virussign.com_c9b0a993240584518cf6f97b471f5500.vir.exe 651782  c9b0a993240584518cf6f97b471f5500

The following Registry Entries were created:

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