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Trojan.heur.gm.0100420982 Details

  • Category Trojan
  • Discovered 4/24/2018 1:36:40 PM
  • Modified 4/25/2018 10:50:32 AM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description
    A destructive program that masquerades as a benign application. Unlike viruses, Trojan horses do not replicate themselves but they can be just as destructive. One of the most insidious types of Trojan horse is a program that claims to rid your computer of viruses but instead introduces viruses onto your computer.

The following Files were created:
..\59133ae5066baf00794996326457056db8a19dcd.bin 276000  056fc5ec56d3eb9a44868cc8c3e85c38
..\4e6cb4d1fad0512561c9a0f12db1bde38966212f.bin 1251330  f856cfe6a6bbd123c806950d0df40567
..\5961719e7c2ef06c84f4c5ee62aeebfb2df9c295.bin 1190504  f8179abb616e3cbd20696a54353b96df
..\4f708853b4a819687e1e977f58e4bda09a669c58.bin 294740  b47ae23cb6f8304fe0c05fef7b133eea
..\5c49b0a839130331aa319ea513516fa6723593dc.bin 1206425  dd70a88a038e8fdfaece544ccfd6aaf9
..\5109f6a70d3866afe2e2f2b55712e3870c599d55.bin 542319  bc3207dbf22be7d40f693bb67f4bf460
..\5258c2cf311f755deba0e59d84e80b40deb34df9.bin 1137954  9ce237029d8ca498e355c2da7f25d8fc
..\544d8b7e823c30b63ce9c063d66f7f574c5990f6.bin 205689  9f83595a39714a50f07b3123c1dfa4c5
..\51ba2150925c6bbbcb548eabb0e89f3ea4c2d440.bin 325501  19c5307389208ebbf7b2ddd65abe96f5
..\548856178c722c76439b8852302219a87f9d1e21.bin 1045877  9ebf01ee04b4095072f1df63fb7c4345

The following Registry Entries were created:

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