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Adware.Bundlore.gen Details

  • Category Adware
  • Discovered 4/28/2018 12:47:40 AM
  • Modified 4/28/2018 4:10:08 PM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description
    Adware are programs that facilitate delivery for advertising content to the user and in some cases gather information from the user's computer, including information related to Internet browser usage or other computer habits. They can take up your computers resources and are largely responsible for the countless popup ads you receive on the web. Adware is often bundled with or embedded within freeware programs like such as clocks, messengers, alerts, weather, and so on.

The following Files were created:
..\virusshare_f88382fdd24ca3c6ea70cf4b0595c816.exe 421952  f88382fdd24ca3c6ea70cf4b0595c816
..\virusshare_b1382a8d20668174c95e76d011c7fc76.exe 421888  b1382a8d20668174c95e76d011c7fc76
..\virusshare_b577466f04a5d771f27d674ad6ed020b.exe 421888  b577466f04a5d771f27d674ad6ed020b
..\d0303d6bbd4cf7070988a2ed7cf128b7.exe 359944  d0303d6bbd4cf7070988a2ed7cf128b7
..\1b611e6b666d8e8f7234714618d66ea400838de7c8d656d92db6a76b3c3988af.exe 368136  79abc1dbe70b6db24b0fb962cc2994bf
..\87c1682f8d691e0606eba85ebcd182fab95984723d4e261938ed2b1e8e05e52b.exe 291568  c77950a1c0fc58d664ef668e911778fa
..\virusshare_b28527e2dd2a0b842ebdfcb6907e5500.exe 296472  b28527e2dd2a0b842ebdfcb6907e5500
..\24668e340811e7f5d18320d4b5b30063.exe 387584  24668e340811e7f5d18320d4b5b30063
..\f48914ae9515056a8c32da54426f46c9.exe 387584  f48914ae9515056a8c32da54426f46c9
..\d619428ab6f3eeeebbd1d4aa79ea35fc709ea3b5aed7daca482e7f7b0237c599.exe 291824  8d0077e81d50b879ade9dc92c7ce1931

The following Registry Entries were created:

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