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Malware.swx Details

  • Category Malware
  • Discovered 3/14/2018 5:31:45 PM
  • Modified 3/15/2018 5:26:19 PM
  • Threat Level Low
  • Category Description
    Malware is a generic term for any malicious software designed to disrupt the working of a network. Virus, worms and Trojans fall under the category of Malware. Malware utilize popular communication tools to spread, including worms sent through email and instant messages, Trojan horses dropped from web sites, and virus-infected files downloaded from peer-to-peer connections. Malware seek to exploit existing vulnerabilities on systems making their entry quiet and easy.

The following Files were created:
..\b8e15864b97c987e7cc4d845c0756a06.exe 2758590Microsoft Corporation11.0.8160b8e15864b97c987e7cc4d845c0756a06
..\2d7c5d124144353f76c68e4cfec6d221.exe 21397677  2d7c5d124144353f76c68e4cfec6d221
..\5fcb4c707069dbc51e05b69ea70c7973105cd809.bin 1369056  77bf69467ad670464dbba66734e1bd36
..\636ec3e9738a6920b66f5ff749420be5a1034d28.bin 2686449  66e64d2799dc995cd1ad2cd30e1e5b4f
..\600d3feb0df1e667e5afcf0024fbcca070207b67.bin 1755993  ba933fec2ac4493a8be244f9ae698910
..\614e79660a584e50b2d5f20b67952f3880bf4d5d.bin 873582  b4464ebc18eb79772f560afe934f6935
..\624a0910a8567ee757ae7592c685093047442d58.bin 173619  29fdf97e1fab62481cb6d1c6a83aafc8
..\630e5d30989ef6a676cb59ff7428d8efdb010ded.bin 216094  96d1f9e11011b1241046b8addb4947c2
..\64c1951df20bf7e1337ec23fa49b14c2445ef494.bin 272789  a5c6972966573f580be439239eea3821
..\64cc25ac0c38c89fae26264b4fff0a35aa07aff2.bin 295369  c0a53b076956f88447de40ba3df827bb

The following Registry Entries were created:

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